Color Scheme Suggestions Easter

Color Scheme Suggestions Easter

I have a friend that says that she needs colors and fantasy in her life. I couldn’t agree more!

For me, color is what gets me going. I can get inspiration from an image that has a harmonic color scheme, and sometimes (not always) I find it easier to define the colors I’ll work with before finishing a sketch or project. For me, deciding the colors of a layout is not a detail, it’s part of the project itself. And a very important part, I may add.

I thought it would be interesting to have a color scheme suggestion category in this blog, to help inspire other people and also to debate on the subject.

To start, I’d like to suggest color schemes that can be used very well in Easter projects. Easter speaks to me in pastel, soft colors. The queen pastel color is probably peach. It’s earthy and invinting, and can be combined with a number of complementary colors.

Here are some color combinations you may find inspiring if you are working on an easter project:

Easter Color Schemes

Of course, you don’t have to use these color combinations only in easter.  You can apply them in any project in which you’re goal is to deliver a message of something warm, invinting, calm, pleasant and relaxed. Pastel color schemes are also very present in design for kids.

Here are some examples I find inspiring:

Laura Ashling Botannical Birds collection.

Aimée Wilder's Clouds wallpaper.

Aimée Wilder's Clouds wallpaper.

Baby quilt from Casa & Ideas.

World Matrioska textile from Macrina Busato.

I hope you found the suggestions inspiring. Colors have a strong power to communicate emotions and concepts, not only in surface design but in general, and choosing the right color scheme for your project can help you achieve your goal.

Photo references:

Laura Ashling from Print & Pattern.

Aimée Wilder from

Casa & Ideas from

Macrina Busato from Growing Graphics book, from Index Book.

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