Textile, Ceramic and Paper

Textile, Ceramic and Paper

You can find surface design in almost everything in your house, office, school…anywhere where there are people circulating that has been decorated, even if it doesn’t seem like a propper decoration, it’s impregnated with surface design. The tiles on the bathroom floor and walls, the plates you eat off, your pillows, notebooks…I could go on forever.

In our lives, surface design is mostly present in three different areas: textiles, ceramics and paper. There are a number of other materials used, such as melamine, plastic, wood, etc. But authors tend to focus on these three categories, maybe because they are more traditional and have been around for quite a long time. Hey, wood has been around for a long time too, I know, but it’s always been associated with crafts when it´s carved or decorated, so it´s hard to position it in the life of a graphic designer as well. A wooden bowl, as beautiful as it is, did not have to have its surface projected by an artist or a designer, its beauty is 100% natural.

So, going back to those three main areas, they’re pretty self-explanatory:

Textile surface design comprehends rugs, carpets, curtains, pillow cases, towels, bed quilts, bed sheets, etc.

Print on cotton.

Print on cotton. Kenya, designed by Nathalie du Pasquier for Memphis, produced by Rainbow (Photograph courtesy Furniture of the Twentieth Century, Inc., N.Y.) Scanned from Marypaul Yates's book: Textiles-A handbook for designers.

Examples of textile objects decorating a room.

Examples of textile objects decorating a room. Photograph from Akiko Busch's book: Wallworks-Creating unique environments with surface design and decoration.

Ceramic surface design comprehends porcelain articles, dishes, trays, bathroom and kitchen tiles, mugs, etc.

Oxford's Coup Twiggy ceramic collection.

Oxford's Coup Twiggy ceramic collection. http://www.oxford.ind.br/collection/pt/coup/twiggy.php

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles. Photograph in Abigail Trow's book: Surface

Portobello bathroom tiles.

Portobello bathroom tiles. http://www.portobello.com.br/

Paper surface design is found in stationery items such as notebooks, folders, stickers, address books, file totes, etc., and also in gift wrapping paper and wallpaper.

Hallmark gift sets.

Hallmark gift sets. http://www.hallmark.com

Wallpapers designed by Jocelyn Warner.

Wallpapers designed by Jocelyn Warner. Photograph in Abigail Trow's book: Surface. http://www.jocelynwarner.com/

Galison Origami Lane social notes.

Galison Origami Lane social notes. http://www.galison.com

On my next post I’ll focus on talking a bit about textile design, there’s so much to say about it that I don’t know where to start, but I’ll give it my best.

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